MSc graduation project researching and exploring the potential of using bioluminescence algae as a living medium. More specifically research was conducted towards the use of the algae as a bio-pixel to create a Living Light Interface. 
To address these questions, this research uses Organism Driven Design, to explore the habitat, behavior, and characteristics of the algae. Furthermore, it investigates physical interfaces for controlling algae-based systems and outlines design principles for working with these living entities.

To demonstrate the findings of the research, an algae imaging system was created, which translates digital input into the biological realm, enabling real-time interactions with living micro-algae by influencing their bioluminescent mechanism.
Through a comprehensive investigation into bioluminescent organisms' performance, aesthetics, and their capacity as a transformative medium, this research offers valuable insights for the integration of living organisms into design. Ultimately, "Algae ALight" not only advances the understanding of bioluminescent organisms but also lays the foundation for a new approach to designing captivating and interactive lighting interfaces that blur the boundary between nature, technology, and design.
keywords: BioDesign, BioHCI, Material Driven Design

Nacht van Ontdekking 2023

NRC, 9 September 2023
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