Academic studies are in majority presented in the format of scientific articles. Those articles follow a very specific structure, abstract - introduction - heading, and so on, which makes them recognizable.  For this project, we were interested in trying to express scientific outcomes in a way that would break away from the classic code of scientific publications.  We ended with the idea of relating an academic chemistry paper to the format of the widely known IKEA manual.  Interestingly, IKEA manuals have a unique structure that is similar to scientific articles.  The manual will almost feel magical, while following the steps you have no idea what you are making or what direction you are going, and when finishing the steps you, almost out of nowhere, end up with a complex end product. If you ever had to assemble an IKEA piece, this situation will probably sound familiar. Indeed, with this manual, we are striving to simplify a complex subject into an actionable step-by-step approach. Snippets of the manual can be seen below.
The manual is based on the paper: Sensing and Discrimination of Explosives at Variable Concentration with a Large-Pore MOF as Part of a Luminescent Array by Juric et al.
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